Do movies always send the correct message?

Do movies always send the correct message?

movies harness the power to teach us things and formulate our minds. Those hard hitting movies can sway our thoughts by offering compelling versions and points of view and can influence us in ways that are not always favorable.

Offline influence now measured online

Offline influence now measured online

“Quality of engagement & content drives demand. How you encourage that demand is Art” – @jeffthesensei

Who is policing HAMP

How the Mortgage Industry Polices HAMP –

industry experts have questioned why a nonprofit affiliated with servicers is receiving government funding to resolve disputes between borrowers and the same servicers who are denying modifications

What is a 203K loan?

What is a 203K video tutorial by 203K consultant gary Smith

How low will they go?

How low will they go?

Where will mortgage rates be in Jan 2011?

Michael Ruppert – Is he nuts or spot on? COLLAPSE

Michael Ruppert explaining the coming collapse and his theories on peak oil. Ruppert is a former LA Police Officer and a big broadcaster of his belief in conspiracy fact, not theory. He may come off like a nut but so far many of his predictions have been spot on. Whether you become a fan or […]

Take the POLL – Are we in for a double dip?

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Are we in for a double dip?

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4 Reasons to consider refinancing

RECORD LOW MORTGAGE RATES – How long can they last? Mortgage rates continue to rest at all time lows. Here are a few reasons to consider refinancing: Fha Streamline – No appraisal needed. If you have an Fha loan and a rate over 5% you should consider a streamline refinance. No hassle – No pain […]