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Excuse me... were just friends

Excuse me… were just friends

The amount of spam mail generated from Linkedin recently has become infuriating. Why people don’t “get it” , the simple concept that Linkedin is a “Social Networking” platform, just boggles my mind. Networking people…. that is the intention. It seems as if every day I get several invites to join someones millionairre club or to […]

Social Media / Customer Service - they live hand in hand

Social Media / Customer Service – they live hand in hand

The longer I live in the social streams and engage in chats, it becomes more and more evident to me that at the core of all marketing and strategic decisions, the customer service a company provides is a game changer. Social media seems to intersect with customer service. In fact, I am starting to believe […]

Just a little patience.... yeah, yeah, yeah

Just a little patience…. yeah, yeah, yeah

Really, it is not that difficult… I have been promoting social media basics for the past two years and have come to find that so many great minds, especially c level and executive types, are so extremely confused and distraught with social platforms and current tools, they shut down when it comes to getting social. […]

Let's grab a cup of Coffee and Chat

Let’s grab a cup of Coffee and Chat

I have been doing my best to attend a meetup of some type a few times a week. For one, it gets my blood flowing. I really enjoy meeting new people. And for two, you know the saying, if you want to understand your audience better, visit your competition. And you know what? I am […]

Tell us a little about yourself...

Tell us a little about yourself…

Today’s web technology turns your online profiles into a social fingerprint. Social CRM’s (contact relationship management) platforms are popping up daily and with each new release comes technology advances. These social activity aggregate platforms pretty much do just that… they aggregate all your social activity into one nice and tidy contact info screen. If I […]

Looking for Social Media Talent? - Head to the Streams

Looking for Social Media Talent? – Head to the Streams

What do you mean by foot soldiers? – aka… Brand Evangelists Let me take you deep into the twitter streams for a minute. There is a world that exists that very few know about, where a rare breed of committed Social Media types live. I am not talking about rock star status, everybody’s heard their […]

Just Do It!

Just Do It!

Top lesson learned from the social media rock stars. In the past few months I have had the opportunity to engage both in real life, on Skype or through the twitter streams with several very high profile social media peeps. On the surface and based on their past work experience, these peeps are very different, […]

Top Reason to Answer your Messages

Top Reason to Answer your Messages

what your actions may be saying to people is – Hey Man… go F### off…

Social Media Marketers can learn from Musicians

Social Media Marketers can learn from Musicians

I was in a twitter chat last night, ( #cmchat – country music chat ), and the discussion turned towards customer interaction and engagement. Everyone should know by now that the essence of the “social ” in Social Media is all about connecting, engaging and interacting. And let’s just say I feel very connected when […]

Social Media Hit and Run

Social Media Hit and Run

What exactly is a Social Media “Hit and Run” you may be asking yourself … Social Media should be all about sharing quality information and content, meeting new people, engaging with them and sharing quality thoughts and content. There is nothing social about shameless self promotion – Let me explain. Every morning when I read […]