Tell us a little about yourself…

Today’s web technology turns your online profiles into a social fingerprint. Social CRM’s (contact relationship management) platforms are popping up daily and with each new release comes technology advances. These social activity aggregate platforms pretty much do just that… they aggregate all your social activity into one nice and tidy contact info screen. If I were to click on a contact, I could see their latest tweets and posts on Facebook and Linkedin. I can also find their contact numbers, email addresses, website and blog info.

Your social profile is your online fingerprint…

It is important to understand personal and work info and latest social activities will be brought together using these contact management platforms. Most new social releases, and soon I believe even the big three platforms, will be integrating everyone’s social streams and other information that is available when scanning the net. So what to do about it you ask?

A blank social profile means you are an online nobody…

Understanding what I am describing is ultra important and I have always wondered why it is rarely actionable. Let’s talk about an “about us” tab on a company webpage. Imagine I am looking for a new Air Conditioner unit for my home. Pretty major purchase right? My search starts like most every other consumers starts – on the web. So I type in google “hvac annapolis maryland”. In my mind, and I bet most other consumers, I am hoping to find an air conditioning shop close to home, even in my community if possible.

How bout you tell me a little bit about yourself…

Google search comes up with several local shops to check out. Half of them have no website and just show up in google maps. When I access the first few websites I am most interested in who is in charge. Is the company family owned? Do they live, shop, eat, play and raise their kids locally? What do they do for fun? So I search for their about us page. Many local shops don’t have one. Most of the ones that do tell me how great their company is, how great their service is, how long they have been in business and on and on and on. But the personal side…. the social side is missing, blank, non-existent.

It may as well be a robot running the company.

For me and I would assume for everyone else, when I make a purchase at a price point of a new HVAC unit range, I want to see a face and read a bit about the person running the show should I ever run into any service issues. I tend to like a casual profile pic. The three piece suit look just gives me the feeling that they will always be right should an issue arise. Show me a profile pic of you with your wife and kids, socializing in the town I live in, enjoying one of your hobbies….. humanize yourself. Take advantage of the opportunity to show me the person running the show is not a robot and enjoys the same activities and faces the same issues I do. Now that will give me the warm and fuzzy should I ever have an issue, there will be someone with a heartbeat who cares at the other end of the phone.

Your social profile is on display, like it or not, so why not put your best foot forward…


Have you ever googled yourself?

If want to get a glimpse of what others see, I suggest you do that. Your profile pic tells a story just like your bio and personal info. If you don’t have a profile pic, it appears just that way…. you are an online nobody. So why not take advantage of what everyone is going to see anyway. For personal social network sites like Facebook, use a fun pic for your profile. For business social sites such as Linkedin, you don’t always have to be wearing your best three piece suit. Humanize yourself…. Tell people about your hobbies, what you do for fun, brag about your kids, tell us about your accomplishments and your goals. Open up, be transparent, but most of all…. be honest.


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  1. Dane Findley
    Dane Findley July 2, 2011 at 12:35 pm | | Reply

    Yes, yes! I agree, this is one of the essential steps to creating a positive online presence for yourself and your “brand.” In some ways, it’s even more important than having a website.

    A good, first goal is, as you say, to Google yourself and see what shows up in the first page of search results above-the-fold. It’s great to “own” above-the-fold on page 1 for your own name, but at the very least, you want to see yourself there at least once, portrayed advantageously and authentically.

    I enjoy your posts, Lewis, and respect your thinking on digital media. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, I really like the design of your site. The simplicity is dynamite!

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