Looking for Social Media Talent? – Head to the Streams

What do you mean by foot soldiers? –

aka… Brand Evangelists

Let me take you deep into the twitter streams for a minute. There is a world that exists that very few know about, where a rare breed of committed Social Media types live.

I am not talking about rock star status, everybody’s heard their name social media types. But…….

Way, way, way into the extremes of the streams lies a group of ultra dedicated tweeps. Many half nuts, most with serious ADD issues (hence the posts at all hours), but all of them believers in the power of social media.

It’s the wild, wild west baby…

aka – Early Adoptors Rule

There is a cast of characters, many with conflicting opinions, that share their dedication and love of all things social media, and most especially  invest incredible amounts of time discussing the latest and the greatest in social media. I am talking seriously dedicated… I am talking plugged into an IV drip dedicated.


I call these people the foot soldiers. Not sure where I heard the term “foot soldiers” , (I’m thinking @guykawasaki ?), but if I snatched it from you let’s make certain you get credit for it. My point is…

If you are looking for Social Media TALENT …  head to the streams…

Many of us have at least a few social media people we look up to. Google them. Find out their Twitter handle. Follow them. Notice the ( # ) hashtag they use in their tweets. If you notice the same hashtag repeatedly in a short amount of time, there is a good chance they are in a Twitter chat. Copy the hashtag and enter it into the search bar at twitter.com or your favorite Twitter Client. Sit back and watch the discussion. There are no rules that say you can’t just lurk.

These foot soldiers all have one thing in common. They  “get it

They understand social media is all about engaging.

They realize the unimaginable amount of time they spend in the streams will in fact one day reward them.

They have strong opinions.

They are testing out new platforms and tools way before anyone else gets wind of them.

They are the cast of characters you can find deep in the twitter streams.

If you are looking to evangelize your product, brand, company or even just grow your personal identity and more importantly influence, I would be happy to share with you several of my favorite 24/7 twitter streams, one hour weekly twitter chats and even twitter slumber parties. You can see the foot soldiers in action for yourself.

Go ahead and send them a tweet…post a tweet in a chat… just about all will respond. These foot soldiers are engagers.

They know how to build a community…

The real secret sauce behind these foot soldiers is the rare combination of finger on the pulse, first hand product / platform knowledge and the A++ ability to evangelize, connect, engage, promote … and do it all with manners and care for your brand.  But you better hurry up. In the past few weeks I have been watching this talent get scooped up by companies that want to brand themselves the “social” way by reaching out and engaging, not the traditional “marketing” way of discount banner adds.

I do not feel the need to name any names, but I am certain many who read this post will be thinking of the same foot soldiers who are just incubating in the streams 24/7, Mon – Sun, 365.

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  1. Jeremy Powers
    Jeremy Powers June 19, 2011 at 5:18 pm | | Reply

    Lewis – Companies have always been on the lookout for “rainmakers.” These mysteriously connected insiders were the secret to the next big contract.

    I am increasingly seeing an interest in similar power-hitter types in the world of social media. The big difference is, social media influence is more measurable.

    As a small business marketer that comes from big business, I am seeing the same trend in social media that you mention. Big business is buying influence on these new platforms.

  2. Fine Life
    Fine Life July 6, 2011 at 8:21 pm | | Reply


    You have made very interesting observations here. I enjoy getting in on the ground floor of things, but being “bought” isn’t right for me. I won’t tout a product unless I truly believe in it. If I don’t like it, I can’t sell it.

    I’m sure there are people who will say or do anything for a buck or an in-kind exchange. I agreed to cover one product I like, not love, but the demands were so high and the return so low, that I decided never to take that route again.

    I talk about a product if I like it, first. If the company approaches me afterward, things seem to go pretty smoothly for both of us. If they ignore me, my feelings aren’t hurt. I’m not spreading good will for acknowledgement, so if it follows it’s all gravy. Right now, for me, that is as it should be!

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  4. Jeni Parris Brady
    Jeni Parris Brady January 18, 2012 at 9:53 am | | Reply

    Common denominator throughout the ages: It’s all about passion.
    Passion drives communication and transcends all boundaries.

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