Top Reason to Answer your Messages

Do you have a smart phone?

Can you receive text messages?

How about voice mail?

Listen up people, I am no self proclaimed Dick Tracy, but I can tell you this…

100%, fo sho, truth, word, bought the t shirt, just take it to the damn bank, look you in the eyes, gospel, bible, locked up thrown away the key and a Hell Yeah thrown in for good measure……..

When your phone rings  – and –  people are around you  – and –  you make a public decision to ignore – people take notice.

When your email dings with a new message and you immediately read it – people take notice.

Trust me when I tell you this…

how people handle incoming messages and how they choose to ignore or respond….  people take notice.

So if you have been taken notice of by people, that when you get a new incoming message, you are they “type” who instantly views it, and you elect to not respond….

well, what your actions may be saying to people is…




I suppose the take away from this rant is this:

Take every message you receive, that has to do with current or proposed business, upcoming appointments, prospective clients and/or synergy partners seriously. If your tied up that’s cool… but remember, the person who sends you the message has you pegged as someone who views messages instantly. Take 2 seconds and simply reply, ill get back to you in a bit.

If I have sent you several emails, several text messages and left several voice mails, and I know damn well how you react to messages, please reply… or I will assume you are telling me   ….   go F### off.


these pics refer to my comments below


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  1. Deep Soni
    Deep Soni June 1, 2011 at 3:28 pm | | Reply

    Love the rant typography. Aside that, so true. I just leave a message and if they never get back, I treat them the same way. What goes around comes around 😉

  2. Jeremy Powers
    Jeremy Powers June 1, 2011 at 6:59 pm | | Reply

    It is rare for me to become overly frustrated by “the silent treatment” these days. Being a marketer, there are more “no” responses than “yes” responses.

    However, being a marketer, this type of disregard for current clients strikes me as not only rude, but foolish. It is MUCH easier to retain or repair existing accounts than to add new ones.

    As for the inspectors…. if you think getting a live person on the phone is tough with the service provider….

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