Social Media Hit and Run

What exactly is a Social Media “Hit and Run” you may be asking yourself …
Social Media should be all about sharing quality information and content, meeting new people, engaging with them and sharing quality thoughts and content.

There is nothing social about shameless self promotion –

Let me explain. Every morning when I read my email it never fails that I receive an email that sounds like this – “Hello my friend, as a fellow group member I wanted to share this information with you. Just click here and you will find this content extremely valuable.” When you clink the link there is no valuable content at all. In fact, it is one big promotion of a product or service. The worst part of this is the fact the person who sent it to you appears to be a connection.
There is nothing social about weaseling into a group with no other intention besides promoting yourself or your product. You are taking advantage of me, the group and the entire concept of social.

Do you walk into a party, introduce yourself and immediately tell everyone how great your product or service is? – NOT

I started a Linkedin group called Social Media Basics. There is one rule – No Shameless Self Promotion. Within the first day I had to delete three posts from people who were flat out promoting their services. These are self proclaimed social media experts who can’t follow the one rule of the group.
If you are a marketer or new to social media, I strongly suggest you check out these great posts regarding this topic below.
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  1. Ted Curtin
    Ted Curtin February 9, 2012 at 11:32 am | | Reply

    Great Post Lewis!
    Sometimes I feel like there should be a SoMe mentoring process to help people and brands understand the value and potential benefits of a developing a meaningful social media strategy that’s appropriate for their intended audience and the specific channel. Too often we see the mix of engagement, information, selling, promoting and sharing completely wrong either for the audience or the brand and it’s hard to not say out loud – “What were they thinking?!?!”
    Keep up the great work.

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