Stuck in a Social Media rut?

Have you felt like you’re in a rut in Social Media lately?

Really? Are you aware of the latest technologies entering the social media market on a seemingly daily basis? This ain’t the internet of the early 2000’s. Honestly, it is like the wild wild west out there with people and companies entering unchartered waters constantly.

Platforms are evolving before our very eyes. Social relationships are all the buzz word as many people look at number of followers and connections with a different view than several years or even months ago. New tools like Nimble and Sprout Social are making management of all social platforms possible in one stream.

Facebook has been making changes often and Linkedin just rolled out some new looks. And of course the Twitter chat streams seem to get more cluttered with participants. Location services are evolving as well… some adding a touch of augmented reality ie… layer And the well embraced Skype chat is getting more and more popular with consumers and business alike.

Tired, Old & Boring Social Media Rhetoric? – take a look around at what is really happening in today’s world of social media. And while you are looking, hang on, it’s going be a long crazy ride. Hop on board or get outta the way…..

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