Do movies always send the correct message?

Have you ever watched a movie that was so powerful it hit you between the eyes?

Maybe it was the message, the underlying theme, the choices characters made or the ending that left you hanging. We have all been influenced by the power of movies.

Let’s take a look:

Do you remember how you felt about going for a dip in the ocean after watching Jaws?

How about how you looked at the college fraternity after watching Animal House.

When you ponder what creatures from other planets would look like, do you think about ET or Star Wars?

Does the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest conjure up your thoughts of the inner workings of mental hospitals?

Thinking about daily happenings at wartime medical platoons do you think of M.A.S.H. ?


Does the Godfather make you a little leery of it’s class of characters?

Just last night the Oscars recognized a movie that featured stuttering. Did that movie turn anyones thoughts on speech issues around a bit?

My point here is movies harness the power to teach us things and formulate our minds. Those hard hitting movies can sway our thoughts by offering compelling versions and points of view and can influence us in ways that are not always favorable. Remember to step back and and look at the whole picture before forming an opinion based on a movie.

Never forget there is a difference between the big screen and real life. More importantly, teach your children this! Gangsters are not good people. Not everyone who swims in the ocean gets eaten by a shark. College is not a big party….

This post was inspired by the #usguys #usblogs theme: What Can We Learn From the Movies?

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