Offline influence now measured online

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Influence is defined as “implicit or explicit effect of one thing (or person) on another ~

How online influence is measured has become a hot topic in the twitter streams recently. In fact, you could say it has become an obsession to the many who check their @Klout and @TweetLevel scores daily. Conversations are common debating the real accuracy when measuring influence. It has been suggested the ease of manipulating online focus can skew the metrics and improve your score.

Where did this influence start anyway? ~

You could argue that influence has been around as long as time itself has. Pecking order in tribes and the animal kingdom certainly must have been determined by the effects of individual influence. Today, the way we conduct our daily life, the career path we choose, the friends we select, the way our children develop are all effected by influence.

Are you an influencer or an influencee? ~

Regardless of the level, everyone has a degree of influence over someone and in contrast, everyone has been influenced by somebody. To what level of each is what makes up your influential DNA.

Let’s Google it ~

Have you been spending anytime online lately? Have you noticed the thumbs up, the point systems, the online Klout and the product reviews? The way consumers buy goods and determine value is shifting and the shift is happening very fast. In the past, word of mouth was the means to communicate value of product from one person to another. <Offline influence is now being judged online!–> Today, it all starts online. Wanna buy a consumer product? Check out Amazon , but before you buy, how about those reviews? Do those reviews influence you at all in making a decision? The same method is common with any other purchase, research or review. It all starts out online and our decisions are based on reviews.

Is there a lesson to be learned? ~

As the world becomes more “plugged in”, online reputation will be everything and influence will become the driving factor in decision making. If you are not already aware, there is no such thing as a “woops” button on the internet. In other words, every piece of content you send out on the internet has the possibility for anyone to view.

“Quality of engagement & content drives demand. How you encourage that demand is Art”@jeffthesensei

When they view that content, an opinion will be formed, good or bad, you are going to have some form of influence over the reader. Never forget that your thoughts on every post, blog, tweet, facebook, linkedin and other online platforms are helping others form their opinion of you. If you are promoting anything over the net, this is how your influence will be measured. Consider this when posting content. Your online reputation is at stake.

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  3. Gabriella O'Rourke
    Gabriella O'Rourke February 21, 2011 at 4:13 pm | | Reply

    Whether we like it or not, we are judged by our actions and behaviours in the physical world. What we wear, how we style our hair, the books we read, the beliefs we share. The online world only allows us to amplify and (for some) broadcast those views and beliefs to the world. Many consumers now will automatically check for online reviews and customer feedback before deciding on a purchase. When I am seeking to understand more about a new business associate or network contact I typically will do a quick google to see where and how they come up. If I am working with a new marketing contact who is not listed on at least one of the common social media platforms I wonder if they are really up to speed in their profession? When I give career advice to up and coming marketing majors, I advise them to connect on Linked-In and start leaving an intelligent digital trace. It goes back to – whether you like it or not – measurement of your total online influence is an inextricable part of your offline brand. Nice post Lewis.

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